Scaffolding Sheeting

Scaffold Sheeting – Mono Sheeting is used for protection and security on scaffold structures, it may also be used for Temporary Roofing, Screening and demarcation.

Scaffold Sheeting is laminated and reinforced for extra strength and is made from Heavy Duty 1000 Guage – 250GSM reinforced polyethylene, allowing transmission of natural light improving

working environment. Scaffolding Sheeting is available in 2 metre x 45 metre rolls and 3 metres x 45 metre rolls.  Fire Retardant Scaffold Sheeting is also available in 2 Metre x 45 metre rolls and 3 Metres x 45 Metre rolls, conforming to BS5867 Part 2 and LPS1215, please confirm your requirements.  For Fastening Elasticated Toggles – Bunji Ties are available.

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